All About Grooming a Havanese

All About Grooming a Havanese

People love Havanese dogs for their silky, touchable coats. Do you know how to keep your pup’s coat looking its best? Read all about grooming a Havanese, from coat care to eye health.

Bathing Your Havanese

There’s a right way and a wrong way to bathe your Havanese. Keep in mind that bathing your Havanese strips away the natural oils that keep his coat soft and shiny, so don’t over-bathe. Once a month in a hot climate is fine, and even less will work for a cold climate. Try a dry bath with talcum powder, and make sure to eliminate tangles before bath time. Use a coconut aloe vera or a similar shampoo to keep your dog’s skin moist.

Brushing Your Havanese

Carefully brush your Havanese twice a week to avoid matting. Brush slowly and patiently and untangle knots with your fingers rather than cutting them off.

Dental Care for Your Havanese

Care for your Havanese’s teeth with regular brushing using a vet-approved toothpaste. Make sure your vet checks your pooch’s teeth during each visit.

Eye care for Your Havanese

Havanese sometimes tear, leading to dirt accumulation below the eyes. When this happens, clean your dog’s eyes with a saline solution and gently pat dry with a cotton ball or pad. Keep the eye area clean using a fine-toothed comb.

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