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Tips for Training Your Havanese Puppy

Tips for Training Your Havanese Puppy

 At Susie’s Quality K9’s, we love breeding Havanese puppies for a number of reasons. They’re so nice and playful and get along extremely well with families who take good care of them. Their coats are non-shedding and hypoallergenic, meaning you can put the lint rollers away. Havanese puppies are also incredibly easy to train.

All dogs need some level of obedience training, but each breed is different in learning how.  Here are some tips to training your next Havanese puppy:

Be nice

Havanese puppies are known for their cheerful demeanor and don’t take kindly to any harsh treatment whatsoever. So when it comes to training, the more playful you make it, the better—in fact, Havanese puppies learn faster during positive training experiences. Try not to enter training sessions angry or frustrated. Speaking in a negative tone will hinder your relationship and training with them.

Be short

Havanese puppies just want to have fun, so keep the training sessions brief and light, with only two sessions in one day, if possible. This will help with their attention span and it will give you and your dog more time to play with each other!

Be consistent

In terms of training, one of the best things you can do is ensure that the sessions happen at the same time each day. It doesn’t have to be frequent, but you should be conveying the same message and discipline throughout, otherwise your dog will be confused. Eventually, your Havanese pup will know when it’s training time and stand ready to deliver.

We always encourage families to take the time and train their Havanese puppy to be nice and caring dogs. Oh, and it’s always fun to have them learn a trick, or two! If you’re hoping to add a cute Havanese puppy to your family, contact Susie’s Quality K9’s today by calling 989-351-0303. We are a proud Havanese breeder in the Posen, Michigan area and we can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to your new best friend!