Common Health Issues to Watch for in your Havanese

Common Health Issues to Watch for in your Havanese

Like any other creature, dogs are prone to certain health problems. I know we all wish we could keep our pups healthy and pain-free until the end of time but unfortunately, we aren’t that powerful. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to keep an eye out for our babies!

Different breeds of dog are more susceptible to different types of diseases and complications, so it’s important to educate yourself on problems that are more likely to affect your dog specifically. The Havanese is just a little guy, so he’s more vulnerable to health issues that affect small dog breeds.

We’re going to touch on a few you should make yourself aware of as an extra precaution in making sure your pooch lives a long and happy life!

Leg-Calve-Perthes Disease

  • What it is: inadequate blood supply to the head of the femur (the ball in the hip joint) results in degradation of the bone and it stops growing
  • Complications: patellar luxation (the knee cap pops out), which can increase risk of knee injury and arthritis, severe cases may require surgery
  • Symptoms: limping, inability to walk, pain, won’t put weight on one leg, one leg may appear shorter due to femur collapse

Eye Problems


  • What is it: partial or full clouding of the lens inside the eye
  • Complications: visual impairment, complete blindness
  • Symptoms: opaque or cloudy eye

Cherry Eye

  • What is it: weakening of the tissue holding the tear gland in place
  • Complications: tear gland pops out and can become irritated, infected, or nonfunctioning
  • Symptoms: red-colored gland in the corner of the eye that resembles a cherry


  • What is it: abnormal development of bone and cartilage (canine dwarfism), a genetic condition
  • Complications: heart abnormalities, joint pain, breathing problems, decreased bone density, lameness, crippling
  • Symptoms: short limbs that appear to stick out, disproportionate appearance, protruding lower jaw (an underbite)

Of course, this doesn’t cover all the potential problems a Havanese or other small dog breed may be prone to; there’s also deafness, liver shunts, kidney and liver disease, heart murmurs, etc. Just like humans, the list could go on and on. This doesn’t mean your pup is likely to develop these issues; it simply means there is a possibility, and we need to remain conscious of that.

At Susie’s Quality K9’s we know how special your Havanese will be to you, and we want to ensure we do everything possible to make that bond endure for many, many years! That’s why all of our puppies are AKC and CKC Registered and sold with a 2 year genetic health guarantee and lifetime of support.

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