Havanese 101

Havanese 101

If you’re considering what type of dog to get, you may want to consider a Havanese. These sweet little dogs are funny, outgoing and intelligent, and make excellent companions for families with or without children. Their sunny temperaments make them a delight to be around, and their friendly demeanor will win over anyone. Havanese are known as lovable and affectionate dogs, and your pet will love curling up in your lap. Also called the “Havana Silk Dog,” these pups are a joy to pet because of (you guessed it) their silky coats.

Havanese dogs don’t have any special exercise requirements, and their energy level is medium. They love games of fetch and morning walks! They’re easy to train, and enjoy games that let their brightness and intelligence shine.

Apartment dweller? A Havanese might be the dog for you. They weigh just 7 to 13 pounds, and on average 8 ½ to 11 ½ inches high at the shoulder. We think they’re just the right size for homes of all dimensions!

Havanese are happiest when they’re around their families, so if you’re mostly on the go, a Havanese may not be the right breed for you. If you leave your Havanese alone for long periods of time, she may feel lonely or bored, which can manifest in destructive behavior like chewing.

At Susie’s Quality K9s, we love our Havanese puppies. If you’re interested in adopting a Havanese as your new best friend, contact us at 989-351-0303 to meet one of our sweet, playful puppies today!

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