Havanese Personality

Havanese Personality

One of the many, many reasons why we love Havanese dogs at Susie’s Quality K9s is their wonderful personality.

Read on to learn more about the typical Havanese personality:

Havanese are particularly known for being funny, outgoing and intelligent. They’ll charm people on the street, guests and the entire family! Havanese are generally friendly to all. They enjoy being the center of attention, but they won’t annoy you by demanding it. Most will be friendly to other dogs as well, making them the stars of the dog park. Many Havanese will even get along well with cats.

Havanese are known as lovable and affectionate dogs. Your pup will probably love spending an afternoon curled up in your lap. Their gentle temperaments make them good for families with kids. They enjoy light play with kids, but not too much roughhousing. There’s nothing your Havanese will love more than being by your side, but don’t leave him alone for too long—it might make him anxious.

Havanese are quick-witted, good learners and always eager to please. They tend to take top honors in obedience competitions and love learning new tricks to impress their families. They have a medium energy level and will enjoy games of fetch, morning walks and toys that engage their intelligence.

At Susie’s Quality K9s, we love our Havanese puppies and think they have award winning personalities. If you’re interested in taking a Havanese puppy home just in time for Christmas, contact us at 989-351-0303 to meet our adorable Havanese puppies!

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