Help Prepare Your Dog for Winter Weather with These Tips

Help Prepare Your Dog for Winter Weather with These Tips

Brrrr … winter is almost upon us! As you prepare to bundle up and hunker down with movies and hot chocolate, take some time to think about your furry friends as well.

You can help prepare your dog for winter weather with these tips:

Enjoy indoor quality time

Just because Fido has fur doesn’t mean he should be spending the whole day outdoors. Fur isn’t a perfect insulator, and your dog can get hypothermia if he’s left outside for too long. While you should still let your dog play or walk outside for shorter periods of time, get ready for plenty of cuddles on the couch and indoor games with toys.

Keep your dog’s ears and paws dry

Ears that get cold and wet from snow are prone to painful ear infections. If your dog has been playing in the snow, dry her ears when she gets inside. Also make sure to dry off her paws, as some types of salts and ice-melts are toxic to dogs.

Be smart about dog clothing

Winter coats and sweaters for dogs can help keep them warm but should not be so tight that they constrict movement. The same goes for booties—make sure they’re not so small that they cut off circulation. You should always supervise a dog who’s wearing clothing, as it can become snagged, torn or wet.

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