How to Care for Havanese Hot Spots

How to Care for Havanese Hot Spots

Does your Havanese suffer from hot spots? Known medically as pyotraumatic dermatitis or superficial pyoderma, in ordinary terms hot spots are inflamed, infected skin.

What causes them in the first place? Hot spots happen when your Havanese’s natural bacteria overpopulate parts of her skin. When your dog’s skin is dirty, damp and warm, this creates a hospitable environment for bacteria to breed—after a jump into a pool of dirty water, for example. They can also occur due to excessive licking.

Prevention is the best treatment for Havanese hot spots. Your vet can help you identify the underlying cause, which could be a number of things:

  • Fleas or parasites
  • Food allergies
  • Contact irritants
  • Skin or ear infections
  • Anal sac disease
  • Stress or boredom leading to constant licking/itching
  • A matted or dirty coat

Depending on the cause, you can take preventative steps, like avoiding foods your Havanese is allergic to, giving your dog flea medication or grooming him more frequently. However, keep in mind that some dogs are just more susceptible to hot spots than others, and they are not necessarily a sign that you aren’t taking proper care of your Havanese.

To treat hot spots, your vet will first shave the affected area. She’ll then disinfect the area with a solution designed to remove bacteria. You will need to reapply the solution on your own at home for several days, and your Havanese will likely need to go home with an Elizabethan collar to prevent scratching or licking.

Follow these tips to care for your Havanese dog’s hot spots and he’ll be back to normal in no time. Don’t have an adorable Havanese dog yet? Check out Susie’s Quality K9s for friendly, adorable Havanese puppies. Contact us today to meet your new best friend!

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