How to Help Your Pup Live Longer

How to Help Your Pup Live Longer

If you feel the way we do, your dog is a much-loved family member, and you’d like to keep him or her around for as long as possible!

Here’s how to help extend the life of your pup:

Feed your dog a healthy, high-quality diet

Not all dog foods are created equal. No need to buy the priciest brand on the shelf, but choose one that features real meat or poultry protein as the primary ingredient and contains little to no corn.

Don’t overfeed

Keep your dog at a healthy weight, since obesity can shorten your dog’s lifespan by as much as two years. Also, be sure to give Fido his treats in moderation!

Make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise

Regular evening walks, jogs, vigorous games of fetch—all of the above contribute to cardiovascular health, a balanced mood and a longer life for your dog.

Keep your dog mentally stimulated

Bored dogs can become anxious, depressed or even sick. Keep your dog’s mind active and extend her life with training, games, socialization and one-on-one attention.

Brush your dog’s teeth

Dental health is an often-overlooked aspect to keeping your dog healthy and long-lived. Poor oral hygiene can cause plaque buildup, gingivitis and eventually periodontal disease, which is known to cause organ damage and heart disease in canines.

Follow these tips to ensure that your pup has the longest, healthiest life possible. Need a pooch of your own? At Susie’s Quality K9s, we’re proud breeders of friendly, adorable Havanese puppies. Contact us online or call us at 989-351-0303 today!

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