How to Keep a Small Dog Safe in Your Car

How to Keep a Small Dog Safe in Your Car

If you’re like us, you love having your dog with you all the time, including on car trips. However, it’s important to take a few basic safety precautions. Dogs can feel anxious or even sick in the car, and an estimated 30,000 car accidents each year are caused by unrestrained pets.

Here’s how to keep a small dog safe in your car:

  • When the car is in motion, keep your small dog safe and secure in a well-ventilated carrier or crate that is large enough for your pet to sit, lie down, stand and turn around in. It’s a good idea to get your dog accustomed to the crate before you go for a drive together.
  • Keep your dog on his regular schedule for long road trips. Feed him at his regular times and try to stick to your normal exercise routine. For example, if your dog usually goes for a walk at 9 a.m., find a nice area along your route for the two of you to walk.
  • No matter what, never leave your pet alone in a parked car. Even if you don’t think it’s that hot outside, the car will trap heat and can quickly cause heatstroke or worse. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a parked car can easily reach 100 degrees on a 75-degree day. Cold temps are dangerous, too, as the car holds in the cold and acts as a refrigerator.

Follow these tips to ensure that you and your pup have a safe, stress-free ride. Don’t have a small dog yet? Check out Susie’s Quality K9s. We proudly breed sweet, friendly Havanese puppies. Call us at 989-351-0303 today!

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