How to Keep Dogs Less Anxious Around Fireworks

How to Keep Dogs Less Anxious Around Fireworks

If you’re like us, you look forward to the fireworks display every Fourth of July. There’s nothing like a spectacular show to top off a day of barbecuing and relaxing outdoors. However, your pup probably doesn’t feel the same way you do! Dogs love being around their families during holiday celebrations, but the loud noises and flashing lights put them on edge.

Here’s how to keep dogs less anxious around fireworks:

Keep them away from fireworks altogether

The best option for dogs who dislike loud noise is to avoid taking them with you to watch the fireworks. If there’s a place the dog knows well that will be quieter, like a friend or relative’s house, take him there.

Keep your dog calm

Of course, removing your dog from the source of the noise may not be an option. If your neighborhood is noisy on the Fourth of July, take precautions to help your dog feel safe. Try using white noise to cancel out the sounds, like a fan or the TV. You can also let your dog take refuge under furniture with a toy or blanket that smells like you, and provide lots of treats.

Acclimate your dog

Some dogs can be habituated to the sound of fireworks, so they will be less anxious when the time comes. Beginning three or four months in advance, play recorded firework sounds at increasing volume before walks or treats. That way, your pooch will associate the sound with something good.

At Susie’s Quality K9s, we hope you and your family members, both human and canine, have a safe and fun Fourth of July. If you’re interested taking a sweet puppy home this summer, contact us at 989-351-0303 today so you can meet ours!

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