Is Your Dog Stressed? Here’s How to Tell

Is Your Dog Stressed? Here’s How to Tell

Dogs get stressed and anxious just like we do. But unfortunately, they can’t communicate like we can, so you may be unsure about how your dog is feeling. Here are some important signs to look out for that will let you know your dog is stressed.

Excessive licking or chewing

Dogs use their bodies in many different ways to convey what they are feeling. If you notice your dog is licking or chewing more than usual in a certain area, especially around the mouth and nose, this could be a sign of stress. Try to rule out food allergies or hot spots to ensure the behavior is not health-related.


Panting is one way dogs cool themselves down. So if your dog is panting on a hot day or after exercising, that is normal behavior. But if there is no apparent reason for the panting, especially if his or her ears are also back and low, this is a good indicator that your dog is under a lot of stress.

Excessive shedding

Excess shedding is one of the most easily recognizable signs that your pup is feeling anxious. You may notice this during a trip to the vet’s or after a big life change such as moving or adding another pet to the family.


Most dogs prefer to avoid conflict, whether it’s with other dogs or people. If your dog tries to hide, avoids eye contact, tucks his tail or turns away, these are all tell-tale signs that your dog is trying to get away from a stressful situation.

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