What You Can Do So Your Dog Isn’t Sad When Left Alone

What You Can Do So Your Dog Isn’t Sad When Left Alone

As dog owners, we all know the feeling. You start getting ready to leave, and your dog shows that he or she is sad to see you go. They put their tail between their legs, stand in front of the door, or start to whimper. Of course, it pains you to leave them behind, but you have to get going with your day. Right?

Well, there are actually a few actions you can take to make your dog less sad when he or she is left alone for a while. These tips will lessen that feeling of separation, but still leave them happier than ever when you return.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Give them something to do

There’s nothing worse for a dog than for their owner to leave, and for them to have nothing to do when you’re gone for hours on end. So keep them occupied: hide a number of toys and treats scattered throughout the house. That way, your dog’s day will be spent exploring the entertainment that’s been left for them. They’ll be happily distracted!

Return on your lunch break

Of course, this is harder to do if you work far away, but if not, try to make it back home for your lunch break. Your dog will be excited to see you, giving them a mid-day jolt of energy and yourself a peace of mind that they’re doing just fine. You can even have lunch side by side with them!

Get some morning exercise

A nice walk or run in the morning will expend some of your dog’s energy, leaving them less anxious and worried when you leave later that morning. It’s a win-win, too: they’re not as sad when you leave, and you get some morning exercise in.

At Susie’s Quality K9s, our mission is to offer respectable owners the chance to bring home a Havanese puppy. So we don’t want to see them sad when you leave, either. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today by calling 989-351-0303!

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